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Free Oracle 1z0-448 Sample Questions

Question 1

What is the main benefit of using consistent set journalizing compared to simple journalizing?(Choose the best answer.)

A. Consistent set journalizing runs faster than simple journalizing.  
B. Consistent set journalizing always uses Oracle GoldenGate.  
C. Consistent set journalizing treats each data store individually.  
D. Consistent set journalizing provides a guarantee of consistency of the captured changes. 

Answer: D

Question 2

You are a project developer using ODI and want to consolidate your own local metadata repositories. Identify the true statement.(Choose the best answer.)

A. You must consolidate your own local metadata repositories. The local metadata must betransmitted via ftp and synchronized with a dedicated proprietary engine, creating acommon metadata model for all the developers. 
B. You must consolidate your own local metadata repositories. You have to invoke adedicated web service to synchronize the metadata by using Oracle Service Bus. 
C. You need not consolidate your own local metadata repositories, because the ODIproprietary metadata server allows all developers to share the common metadata of aspecific project.
D. You need not consolidate yourown local metadata repositories, because ODI uses acentralized relational metadata repository that all the developers share. 

Answer: D

Question 3

You are defining a data store in ODI metadata and want toadd a primary key even if it doesnot physically exist on the related database catalog.How can you accomplish this?(Choose the best answer.)

A. You can add a primary key even if it does not physically exist on the related databasecatalog, by adding constraintson the data store.
B. You can add a primary key even if it does not physically exist on the related databasecatalog, by adding constraints to the data store diagram. 
C. You cannot add a primary key if it does not physically exist on the related databasecatalog. You can flag only non-null conditions to be checked.
D. You cannot add a primary key if it does not physically exist on therelated databasecatalog. You can reverse engineer only the existing constraints.

Answer: D

Question 4

Identify two correct exception behavior values for Run Scenario steps in load plans.(Choose two.)

A. Run Exception and Restart  
B. Run Exception and Continue  
C. Run Exception and Ignore  
D. Run Exception and Fail  
E. Run Exception and Raise  

Answer: C,E

Question 5

You must monitor and managea co-located stand-alone agent,OracleDIAgent1, by usingthe ODI plug-in for Enterprise Manager CloudControl. Which is the correct command tostart this agent on Linux?(Choose the best answer.)

A. ./ –NAME=OracleDIAgent1 –PORT=20910  
B. ./ –NAME=OracleDIAgent1  
C. ./ OracleDIAgent1  
D. ./ OracleDIAgent1 –PORT=20910  

Answer: A


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