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Free Linux-Foundation LFCS Sample Questions

Question 1

To prevent a specific user from scheduling tasks with at, what should the administrator do? 

A. Add the specific user to /etc/at.allow file.  
B. Add the specific user to [deny] section in the /etc/atd.conf file.  
C. Add the specific user to /etc/at.deny file.  
D. Add the specific user to nojobs group.  
E. Run the following: atd --deny [user].  

Answer: C

Question 2

Which of the following is the device file name for the second partition on the only SCSI drive?

A. /dev/hda1 
B. /dev/sda2 
C. /dev/sd0a2 
D. /dev/sd1p2 

Answer: B

Question 3

Which of the following commands will reduce all consecutive spaces down to a single space?

A. tr '\s' ' ' < a.txt > b.txt 
B. tr -c ' ' < a.txt > b.txt 
C. tr -d ' ' < a.txt > b.txt 
D. tr -r ' ' '\n' < a.txt >b.txt 
E. tr -s ' ' < a.txt > b.txt

Answer: E

Question 4

Which of the following commands will NOT update the modify timestamp on the file /tmp/myfile.txt? 

A. file /tmp/myfile.txt  
B. echo "Hello" >/tmp/myfile.txt  
C. sed -ie "s/1/2/" /tmp/myfile.txt  
D. echo -n "Hello" >>/tmp/myfile.txt  
E. touch /tmp/myfile.txt  

Answer: A

Question 5

After moving data to a new filesystem, how can the former path of the data be kept intact in order to avoid reconfiguration of existing applications? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. By creating an ACL redirection from the old to the new path of the data. 
B. By creating a hard link from the old to the new path of the data.
 C. By creating a symbolic link from the old to the new path of the data. 
D. By running the command touch on the old path. 
E. By mounting the new filesystem on the original path of the data. 

Answer: C,E


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