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Free Google Professional-Cloud-DevOps-Engineer Sample Questions

Question 1

You support a high-traffic web application and want to ensure that the home page loads in a timely manner. As a first step, you decide to implement a Service Level Indicator (SLI) to represent home page request latency with an acceptable page load time set to 100 ms. What is the Google-recommended way of calculating this SLI? 

A. Buckelize Ihe request latencies into ranges, and then compute the percentile at 100 ms. 
B. Bucketize the request latencies into ranges, and then compute the median and 90th percentiles. 
C. Count the number of home page requests that load in under 100 ms, and then divide by the total number of home page requests. 
D. Count the number of home page requests that load in under 100 ms. and then divide by the total number of all web application requests. 

Answer: C

Question 2

You are managing the production deployment to a set of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters. You want to make sure only images which are successfully built by your trusted CI/CD pipeline are deployed to production. What should you do? 

A. Enable Cloud Security Scanner on the clusters. 
B. Enable Vulnerability Analysis on the Container Registry. 
C. Set up the Kubernetes Engine clusters as private clusters. 
D. Set up the Kubernetes Engine clusters with Binary Authorization.

Answer: D

Question 3

You are on-call for an infrastructure service that has a large number of dependent systems. You receive an alert indicating that the service is failing to serve most of its requests and all of its dependent systems with hundreds of thousands of users are affected. As part of your Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) incident management protocol, you declare yourself Incident Commander (IC) and pull in two experienced people from your team as Operations Lead (OLJ and Communications Lead (CL). What should you do next? 

A. Look for ways to mitigate user impact and deploy the mitigations to production. 
B. Contact the affected service owners and update them on the status of the incident. 
C. Establish a communication channel where incident responders and leads can communicate with each other.
 D. Start a postmortem, add incident information, circulate the draft internally, and ask internal stakeholders for input. 

Answer: A

Question 4

You have a CI/CD pipeline that uses Cloud Build to build new Docker images and push them to Docker Hub. You use Git for code versioning. After making a change in the Cloud Build YAML configuration, you notice that no new artifacts are being built by the pipeline. You need to resolve the issue following Site Reliability Engineering practices. What should you do? 

A. Disable the CI pipeline and revert to manually building and pushing the artifacts. 
B. Change the CI pipeline to push the artifacts to Container Registry instead of Docker Hub. 
C. Upload the configuration YAML file to Cloud Storage and use Error Reporting to identify and fix the issue.
 D. Run a Git compare between the previous and current Cloud Build Configuration files to find and fix the bug. 

Answer: D

Question 5

You support an application running on App Engine. The application is used globally and accessed from various device types. You want to know the number of connections. You are using Stackdriver Monitoring for App Engine. What metric should you use? 

A. flex/connections/current 
B. tcp_ssl_proxy/new_connections 
C. tcp_ssl_proxy/open_connections 
D. flex/instance/connections/current 

Answer: A


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