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Free Oracle 1z0-066 Sample Questions

Question 1

Which three are among the various tasks performed by the data Guard Monitor (DMON) process?

A. performing role transitions when switchover requests are made 
B. communicating with DMON processes in other database instances that are part of the broker configuration 
C. activating role-based services appropriately in the various database instances of the configuration, based on the database role 
D. communicating with the DMON process of the observer to monitor a primary database in case a fast start failover is required. 
E. maintaining information about all members of the broker configuration in binary configuration files 

Answer: A,B,E

Question 2

Which four factors can influence the rate of SQL apply on a logical standby database? 

A. the size of the undo tablespace on the logical standby database 
B. the number of full table scans performed by SQL apply
C. the number of coordinator processes on the standby database instance 
D. the size of the shared pool  
E. the number of APPLIER processes  
F. the number of PREPARER processes  

Answer: B,D,E,F

Question 3

Which two are true about the creation of a Data Guard Broker configuration? 

A. in a broker configuration, the primary database name must match the DB_UNIQUE_NAME value in the database initialization parameter file. 
B. A primary database profile may be added to the configuration prior to creating the primary database. 
C. A standby database profile may be added to the configuration prior to creating that standby database. 
D. A newly created broker configuration requires at least one standby database profile to be specified at the time the configuration is created. 
E. A newly created broker configuration is in the disabled state 

Answer: D,E?

Question 4

Which two are true about rolling release upgrades in a Data Guard environment? 

A. The background process DMON must be enabled on the primary and standby databases during a rolling release upgrade procedure
B. A physical standby database can be converted to a logical standby database temporarily. 
C. Rolling release upgrades require the background process RVWR to write flashback logs on the standby database. 
D. The KEEP IDENTITY clause ensures that a logical standby database keeps the same DBID as the primary database. 
E. The recovery point objective increases proportionally to the duration of the rolling release upgrade procedure. 

Answer: B,D

Question 5

A data file on one of your physical standby databases has been accidentally deleted and you must restore and recover it. All the archive logs required for recovery are still on disk in the directory pointed to by the log_archive_dest_1 parameter Which three steps must be performed to restore the missing file and recover the standby database while it is in the MOUNT state?

A. Recover the datafile by using the RMAN RECOVER DATAFILE command 
B. Restart the redo apply. 
C. Restore the datafile by using the RMAN RESTORE DATAFILE command.  
D. Stop the redo apply.  
E. Recover the database by using the RMAN RECOVER DATABASE command.  

Answer: C,D,E


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