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Free Amazon SAP-C01 Sample Questions

Question 1

A video streaming company recently launched a mobile app for video sharing. The appuploads various files to an Amazon S3 bucket in the us-east-1 Region. The files range insize from 1 GB to 1 0 GBUsers who access the app from Australia have experienced uploads that take long periodsof time Sometimes the files fail to completely upload for these users . A solutions architectmust improve the app' performance for these uploadsWhich solutions will meet these requirements? (Select TWO.)

A. Enable S3 Transfer Acceleration on the S3 bucket Configure the app to use the TransferAcceleration endpoint for uploads 
B. Configure an S3 bucket in each Region to receive the uploads. Use S3 Cross-RegionReplication to copy the files to the distribution S3 bucket. 
C. Set up Amazon Route 53 with latency-based routing to route the uploads to the nearestS3 bucket Region. 
D. Configure the app to break the video files into chunks Use a multipart upload to transferfiles to Amazon S3. 
E. Modify the app to add random prefixes to the files before uploading 

Answer: A,C

Question 2

A company has a new security policy. The policy requires the company to log any event that retrieves data from Amazon S3 buckets. The company must save these audit logs in adedicated S3 bucket. The company created the audit logs S3 bucket in an AWS accountthat is designated for centralized logging. The S3 bucket has a bucket policy that allowswrite-only cross-account access A solutions architect must ensure that all S3 object-levelaccess is being logged for current S3 buckets and future S3 buckets. Which solution willmeet these requirements?

A. Enable server access logging for all current S3 buckets. Use the audit logs S3 bucket asa destination for audit logs 
B. Enable replication between all current S3 buckets and the audit logs S3 bucket EnableS3 Versioning in the audit logs S3 bucket 
C. Configure S3 Event Notifications for all current S3 buckets to invoke an AWS Lambdafunction every time objects are accessed . Store Lambda logs in the audit logs S3 bucket. 
D. Enable AWS CloudTrail. and use the audit logs S3 bucket to store logs Enable dataevent logging for S3 event sources, current S3 buckets, and future S3 buckets. 

Answer: D

Question 3

A company is running a critical application that uses an Amazon RDS for MySQL databaseto store data. The RDS DB instance is deployed in Multi-AZ mode.A recent RDS database failover test caused a 40-second outage to the application Asolutions architect needs to design a solution to reduce the outage time to less than 20seconds.Which combination of steps should the solutions architect take to meet theserequirements? (Select THREE.)

A. Use Amazon ElastiCache for Memcached in front of the database 
B. Use Amazon ElastiCache for Redis in front of the database. 
C. Use RDS Proxy in front of the database 
D. Migrate the database to Amazon Aurora MySQL 
E. Create an Amazon Aurora Replica 
F. Create an RDS for MySQL read replica 

Answer: A,B,F

Question 4

A gaming company created a game leaderboard by using a Multi-AZ deployment of anAmazon RDS database. The number of users is growing, and the queries to get individualplayer rankings are getting slower over time. The company expects a surge in users for anupcoming version and wants to optimize the design for scalability and performance.Which solution will meet these requirements?

A. Migrate the database to Amazon DynamoDB. Store the leader different tables. UseApache HiveQL JOIN statements to build the leaderboard 
B. Keep the leaderboard data in the RDS DB instance. Provision a Multi-AZ deployment ofan Amazon ElastiCache for Redis cluster. 
C. Stream the leaderboard data by using Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose with an AmazonS3 bucket as the destination. Query the S3 bucket by using Amazon Athena for theleaderboard. 
D. Add a read-only replica to the RDS DB instance. Add an RDS Proxy database proxy. 

Answer: A

Question 5

A company has an organization in AWS Organizations. The organization consists of a largenumber of AWS accounts that belong to separate business units. The company requires allAmazon EC2 instances to be provisioned with custom, hardened AMIs. The companywants a solution that provides each AWS account access to the AMIsWhich solution will meet these requirements with the MOST operational efficiency?

A. Create the AMIs with EC2 Image Builder Create an AWS CodePipeline pipeline to sharethe AMIs across all AWS accounts. 
B. Deploy Jenkins on an EC2 instance Create jobs to create and share the AMIs across allAWS accounts. 
C. Create and share the AMIs with EC2 Image Builder Use AWS Service Catalog toconfigure a product that provides access to the AMIs across all AWS accounts. 
D. Create the AMIs with EC2 Image Builder Create an AWS Lambda function to share theAMIs across all AWS accounts. 

Answer: C


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