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Free Alibaba Cloud ACA-BigData1 Sample Questions

Question 1

A Log table named log in MaxCompute is a partition table, and the partition key is dt. Anew partition is created daily to store the new data of that day. Now we have one month's data, starting from dt='20180101' to dt='20180131', and we may use ________ to delete the data on 20180101.

A. delete from log where dt='20180101'
B. truncate table where dt='20180101'
C. drop partition log (dt='20180101')
D. alter table log drop partition(dt='20180101')

Answer: D

Question 2

 When we use the MaxCompute tunnel command to upload the log.txt file to the t_log table, the t_log is a partition table and the partitioning column is (p1 string, p2 string). Which of the following commands is correct?

A. tunnel upload log.txt t_log/p1="b1”, p2="b2"
B. tunnel upload log.txt t_log/(p1="b1”, p2="b2") 
C. tunnel upload log.txt t_log/p1="b1"/p2="b2" 

Answer: A

Question 3

MaxCompute tasks contain computational tasks and non-computational tasks. The computational tasks require actual operations on data stored in the table. MaxCompute parses the task to obtain its execution plan, and submits the task for execution. The noncomputational tasks require substantial reading of and modification to metadata information. Therefore, the task is not parsed, and no execution plan is provided. The task is directly submitted for execution. The latter one has a faster response speed than the former one. Which of the following operations on the table t_test is a computational task?

A. desc t_test
B. alter table t_test add columns (comments string);
C. select count(*) from t_test;
D. truncate table t_test;

Answer: C

Question 4

Where is the meta data (e.g.,table schemas) in Hive?

A. Stored as metadata on the NameNode
B. Stored along with the data in HDFS
C. Stored in the RDBMS like MySQL
D. Stored in ZooKeeper 

Answer: C

Question 5

Scenario: Jack is the administrator of project prj1. The project involves a large volume of sensitive data such as bank account, medical record, etc. Jack wants to properly protect the data. Which of the follow statements is necessary?

A. set ProjectACL=true;
B. add accountprovider ram;
C. set ProjectProtection=true;
D. use prj1;

Answer: C


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